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Research shows vitamin content in frozen fruits remains intact because the fruit selected is riped (the best conditions) and immediately frozen. company is a supplier of high quality Frozen Fruit sellers, that are ready to blend. We sell fruits that clean, ripe, qualified, unsweetened* nor preservatives.

The products we sell can be stored in the Refrigerator / Freezer and can be served whenever you want. Because we use 100% original fruit, frozen fruits Frojuzz are safe to eat, even for kids though. have a vision as reliable supplier and distributor of high quality frozen fruits reliable, in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Bandung and other major cities in Indonesia, for purposes of: Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel , and Household purposes.

Frozen Fruits Supplier
Frozen Fruits Supplier
Made from a selection of fruit, unsweetened * or preservatives

You no longer need to worry about buying the fruit and the risk of getting the fruit is not ripe or rotten. You are also protected from the difference between the consistency of juice that you provide to the consumer because of the size of our products have been adapted to the needs of one glass of juice so that when blended with half a glass of water will make 1 cup of juice is thick.

Our Product Comparison with Other Supplier

Frozen fruit that we provide is different from any other supplier. Our difference with other suppliers:

  1. we are assured of quality frozen fruit with the right level of ripeness
  2. Our frozen fruit size is consistent in every pack, this ensures ease of operation and keep the quality to your customers
  3. Each processed fruit ensured quality fruit
  4. The amount of stock needed guaranteed to be available at every delivery.
  5. Be careful with other cheaper products, our products are guaranteed 100% fruit without any other blends (except durian that use sweeteners)

Advantages of Frozen Fruit Fresh Fruit

Frozen Fruit Fresh Fruit
It is the form of the ripe fruits Must choose their own level of ripeness
Does not require peeling process It should be a special time for peeling. It is quite troublesome for restaurants, cafes and hotels.
Durable up to 3 months, do not need to spend time alternating order / buy fruit Lasting just a few days, so you can not stock too much, and it takes time to commute order / buy fruit
Need storage space is smaller because it is cut and wrapped in a box-shaped so as to facilitate safe Need more storage space due to the shape of the fruit, and still contains the skins and seeds.
Can be served in the off-season fruit Had to wait for his season
1 packet prepared for one serving size, so as to maintain the quality of the juice Must own estimate the number of fruit to one serving size

Type Fruit

Here is a selection of fruit and prices :

Recommendations of the recommended daily fruit intake is as much as two servings. The amount is difficult to achieve, especially with today’s lifestyle is solid. Frojuzz present as a solution. We provide quality frozen fruits. Though the fruit we are perfectly ripe fruit, without the addition of sweeteners (except durian) as well as preservatives and immediately frozen. The study says that the nutrient content of frozen fruit products is equally good as a fresh product. Blender process also does not interfere with the nutritional content of fruit.


A chunk of juice in your freezer! What are you waiting for, please contact us at 085782891864 (SMS / WA),, Facebook: Frojuzz Frozen Fruit, Instagram / Twitter: frojuzz

Suggestions Use
Add 1 wrap Frojuzz and +/- half a cup (120cc) of water into a blender or juicer. Plus can sweetened condensed milk or sugar as much as 1 tablespoon or to taste. Frojuzz was ready to drink.

Frojuzz Mix!
Be creative with your Frojuzz! Frojuzz soursop + pineapple, durian + bread, whatever you like. Upload Frojuzz creations of yours and we’ll repost. .

*kecuali durian


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